Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2017 
Improving the Basin Type Solar Still Performances Using an Internal Solar Collector

Pages 13-19

A. Abene; A. Rahmani; Z. Zahzouh

Domesticating Daylight via Atria

Pages 21-25

M. Ouria; A. Sadeghi; A. Azami

Solar Envelope Method and Consideration of the Effectiveness of Construction Density and Settlement in Konya

Pages 27-31

A. Ahmed Mustafa JAFF

Estimation of daily global solar radiation using MODIS data for a clear sky day (case study: northwest of Iran)

Pages 33-38

E. Tazik; A. Rezaei; A. Abkar; K. Alavipanaha; Z. Jahantab; A. Rahmati

Statistical Study of Seasonal Storage Solar System Usage in Iran

Pages 39-44

S. Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi; A. Sharifi; M. Ahmadi; M. Maghami

Design Analyses of Sustainable Solar Skyscraper in Cold & Dry Climate of Urmia City, Iran

Pages 45-51

Z. Sirous; N. Akbarzadeh; R. Sirous

Economic Analysis and Simulation of Solar PV, Wind Turbine Hybrid Energy System Using HOMER pro

Pages 53-58

E. Bazdar; N. Shirzadi

Feasibility PV Integration in Trombe Wall for Iran Climates

Pages 59-64

Y. Yektaeian; N. Bahraminezhad; S. Yazdani

Design and Analyze of 20 MW Photovoltaic Solar Powerplant in Iran

Pages 65-69

M. Shabaniverki

Potential of Nanodiamond/Water Nanofluid as Working Fluid of Volumetric Solar Collectors

Pages 71-78

M. Karami; B. Asghari; S. Delfani; M. A. Akhavan-Behabadi

A Review of Solar Energy Driven HDH and Solar Still Desalination Technologies

Pages 79-87

H. Kazemi; K. Fallah; M.J. Hosseini

Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity Impacts on a Photovoltaic Module under Niamey Climatic Conditions

Pages 89-98

A. Bonkaney; M. Saidou; R. Adamou

Thermal energy saving in industrial halls using vertical air solar heaters

Pages 99-104

R. Hassanzadeh; M. Darvishyadegari

Design Output Control TLB Converter for DC Drive Applications with photovoltaic power supply

Pages 105-110

M. Samadi; M. Rakhtala