Feasibility PV Integration in Trombe Wall for Iran Climates

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1 Sepahan University,faculty of architecture,Isfahan,Iran

2 Sepahan University,faculty of architecture,Isfahan,Iran,

3 Najaf Abad University, faculty of architecture, Isfahan, Iran


Trobme wall is a system to provide passive solar heating in a clean way. Trombe wall combined with a dynamic system like photovoltaic (PV) system to produce heat and electricity simultaneously. It consists of a thick wall, a transparent cover glass and the air gap between them. This paper attempts to identify the factors affecting the performance of the system and its design. Of course, many factors including vents, fans, insulation, dimensions, and solar cells as well as variables related to the direction, slope, plan form effect on the photovoltaic Trombe wall. The windows' placement on the south façade can be effective, but the heating rate efficiency would be reduced by 27%. PV utilization covers the interest rates and increases the system thermal performance by more than 17%. As a result, this system is a useful method for the dessert territory of IRAN and good solution to supply energy in a critical environment.