Solar Envelope Method and Consideration of the Effectiveness of Construction Density and Settlement in Konya

Document Type : Original Article


Selçuk University, Faculty of Architecture, Konya, Turkey


Nowadays, the acceleration of environmental problems as much as possible and the preservation of the environment for this reason become an increasing concern; we have required architects to use different design alternatives in their designs. For this reason, many developed countries in recent years have an economic vital significance in the energy use performance of constructions. From this point of view, it seems that ecological architecture based on the use of environmentally sustainable energy resources based on energy efficient design is preliminary and widespread.
In this study, solar envelope method was used for healthy sunbathing in residential areas and an experimental model analysis was performed. The analysis is based on a residential area in the Kosovo neighbourhood, which is connected to the Seljuk district of the Konya city. Within the scope of the study, the solar shells were formed separately for the two different suggestions prepared as a result of the current state of the structure island and the analyses made. The resulting solar shells that has been tried to be used efficiently by volume, the coefficient of the island structure was fixed floor space and increasing the number of shells suggestions to the sun and the height of blocks in a particular order. Solar envelope data obtained using the methods and results of comparisons made between the current state recommendations.