Design and Analyze of 20 MW Photovoltaic Solar Powerplant in Iran

Document Type : Original Article


R&D Manager, Renewable Energy Department, SEP Alborz, Qazvin, Iran


It is well known that the rapidly growth of business and population are putting more and more pressure on world energy resources. Photovoltaic Solar Power plant price will play a vital role in the larger development of solar power generation. Therefore, it is most important  to develop new methodology and techniques for reduced cost of solar power plant. This paper shows the result of designing of a solar power plant in SHAHRYAR area. A total production of about 3900 MWh yearly showed favourable conditions for the development of photovoltaic solar power systems, due mainly to the high average daily radiation in this area. In this research, PVSYST software was used to calculate and design all part of this power plant.