Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2017 
1. Energy Performance Analysis of Solar-wind Catchers Under Hot and Dry Climatic Condition in Iran-Yazd

Pages 13-19

Z. Hedayat; N. Samkhanian; B. Belmans; M.H. Ayatollahi; I. Wouters; F. Descamps

2. A Novel Design of a Low Cost CSP Using Turbocharger as an Expander

Pages 20-24

H. Shokouhmand; S. Ebadi; A. Pournadali Khamseh; M. Negahban; A. Sattari; S.A. Hosseini-Doost

8. Analyses of Daylighting Effects on Human Health in Buildings

Pages 54-59

M. Osman; M. Ghaffarzadeh; Z. Sirous; M. Khatibi; A. Azami