Keywords = Solar energy
Comparative Analysis of Polycarbonate and Glass Cover Configurations for Enhanced Thermal Efficiency in Flat Plate Solar Collectors for Water Heating

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 1794-1810


Thiagarajan Chinnappan; Raguraman C.M; Ratchagaraja Dhairiyasamy; Silambarasan Rajendran

Presenting a New High Gain Boost Converter with Inductive Coupling Energy Recovery Snubber for Renewable Energy Systems- Simulation, Design and Construction

Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2023, Pages 1417-1436


Omid Sharifiyana; Majid Dehghani; Ghazanfar Shahgholian; Sayyed Mohamad Mehdi Mirtalaee

Optimal and Economic Evaluation of using a Two-axis Solar Tracking System in Photovoltaic Power Plants, a Case Study of “Tehran”, Iran

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1211-1221


Homa Zarei Zohdi; Mohammad Sarvi

Feasibility Construction of a 4 MW PV Power Plant to Provide Sustainable Electricity to Bandar Abbas Industrial Estate

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1250-1263


Majid Zarezadeh

Construction and Analysis of Smart Solar Bench with the Optimal Angle in Four Central Cities of Iran

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1345-1356


Meraj Rajaee; Mina Jalali

Assessment of Thermal Behavior of a Flat Plate Water Heater Solar Collector at Different Day Times by Computational Fluid Dynamics Method

Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2022, Pages 1134-1142


Farzaneh Sajadipour; Kamran Kheiralipour; Esmaeil Mirzaee- Ghaleh; Hekmat Rabani

An Economic Based Analysis of Fossil Fuel Powered Generator and Solar Photovoltaic System as Complementary Electricity Source for a University Student’s Room

Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2022, Pages 1159-1173


Victor Mmerichukwu Mbachu; Abumchukwu Gerald Muogbo; Okechukwu Sylvester Ezeanaka; Emmanuella Obiageli Ejichukwu; ThankGod Dozie Ekwunife

Determining The Rooftop Solar Potential of Tra Vinh University

Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2022, Pages 1067-1072


Tran Van-Tan; Tran-Anh-Khoa Nguyen

Simulation and Optimization of a Solar Based Trigeneration System Incorporating PEM Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 664-677


Rahim Moltames; Ehsanolah Assareh; Farshid Mohammadi Bouri; Behzad Azizimehr

Emergency Power Supply for NICU of a Hospital by Solar-Wind-Based System, a Step Towards Sustainable Development

Volume 5, Issue 3, August 2020, Pages 506-515


Ali Ghaderian; Mehdi Jahangiri; Hamed Saghaei

Climate comparative building energy optimization: a retrofit approach including solar photovoltaic panels and natural ventilation

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2020, Pages 314-331


Negin Maftouni; Shadi Sadat Khodami

Optimum Form, Aspect Ratio and Orientation of Building Based on Solar Energy Receiving in Hot-Dry Climate; Case Studies of Isfahan, Semnan, Kashan and Kerman Cities, Iran

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2020, Pages 341-350


Hassan Akbari; Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini Nezhad

The effect of internal light shelf on quality of daylight distribution in space and lighting energy consumption reduction

Volume 4, Issue 4, October 2019, Pages 237-251


faramarz fadaee; Amir Ebrahimi-moghadam; paria ildarabadi

Comparative study and optimization of a solar combined power and natural gas liquefaction cycle equipped with various ejector refrigeration loops

Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2019, Pages 107-127


Fatemeh Ahmadi Boyaghchi; Arezoo Sohbatloo

Improving Performance of Solar Still by External Solar Panels and Cylindrical Parabolic Collector for Seawater Desalination

Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2019, Pages 163-170


Ali Bagheri; Nadia Esfandiari; Bizhan Honarvar

Energy and Exergy Efficiency Improvement of a Solar Driven Trigeneration System Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 31-39


R. Moltames; B. Azizimehr; E. Assareh

Design, construction and evaluation of a flat plate collector for heating the anaerobic digestion reservoir water

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 53-60


J. Mohammadi Majd; H. Gagroui; N. Kazemi

Solar Electrification & Education Attainment: A Case Study of Rural Bajaur Agency, Pakistan

Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages 147-153

A. Ullah; S. Bangash; S. Rahman

Estimation of daily global solar radiation using MODIS data for a clear sky day (case study: northwest of Iran)

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 33-38

E. Tazik; A. Rezaei; A. Abkar; K. Alavipanaha; Z. Jahantab; A. Rahmati