Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2024 
A Combination of SWHs and PVs Mounted on the Fa├žade of a Building to Reduce Energy-Consuming

Pages 1738-1754


Narges Loghmani; Ayoub Khosravi

Fault Tolerant Multilevel Inverter Using Artificial Neural Network

Pages 1755-1762


Ehsan Najafi; Roozbeh Rajabi; Nima Bayat

Short Term Forecasting of Solar Irradiance Using Ensemble CNN-BiLSTM-MLP Model Combined with Error Minimization and CEEMDAN Pre-Processing Technique

Pages 1763-1779


Rijul Kumar Srivastava; Anuj Gupta

Analysis of Intra-String Line-Line Fault in Photovoltaic System

Pages 1780-1793


Hamid Reza Parsa; Mohammad Sarvi

Comparative Analysis of Polycarbonate and Glass Cover Configurations for Enhanced Thermal Efficiency in Flat Plate Solar Collectors for Water Heating

Pages 1794-1810


Thiagarajan Chinnappan; Raguraman C.M; Ratchagaraja Dhairiyasamy; Silambarasan Rajendran

Conventional Solar Still Augmented with Saltwater Bottles: An Experimental Study

Pages 1811-1821


Pankaj Dumka; Nitesh Pandey; Dhananjay R. Mishra

A Novel Methodology of Literature Review of a Flat Plate Liquid Solar Collector

Pages 1822-1842


Mohit Bhargva; Parveen Kumar; Mohit Sharma; Neel Kamal Batra; Rishi Kumar Behl

Numerical Simulation of the Flow in a Concentric Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger with a Square Inner Pipe and a Circular Outer Pipe

Pages 1843-1853


Hamoon Pourmirzaagha; Alireza Yekrangi Sendi; Saeed Janzadeh Karat Mahalleh