A Novel Design of a Low Cost CSP Using Turbocharger as an Expander

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1 University of Tehran, Department of Mechanical engineering, Tehran, Iran.

2 University of Tehran, Department of Mechanical engineering, Tehran, Iran


The aim of this paper is to introduce a design and build of a small low cost CSP system with simplicity in construction as a means of power generator for remote areas and residential buildings. Advantages of the designed device are: There are no curvatures, instead of that some flat mirrors are installed in a rectangular Aluminum frame. In order to reach higher efficiency, a cavity receiver and a two axial sun detector system is used. Also a modified turbocharger is playing role as an expander. By making required number of the collector panels parallel (or series) the requested output power or mass flow rate can be achieved. The results show that the maximum temperature of empty cavity receiver (without working fluid) is around 710 degrees Centigrade. Hence, the effectiveness of the receiver is about 92% by calculations. For 6.2 m2 collector panel, output is 1 KW and the cost is estimated to be roughly around $1350. Also there is another output which provides hot water for heating purposes.