Investigation of a New Topology for Multilevel Inverters Fed by Photovoltaic System for Linear Induction Motor

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1 University of Tehran, Department of Power Engineering

2 The University of Tehran, Department of Power Engineering


In this paper, a new structure of multilevel inverters with the reducing the count of utilized power equipment is presented. This inverter consists of two parts, a basic module, and an H-bridge. Since the basic module part is only able to generate positive and zero voltage levels, so the H-bridge is connected to the basic module to generate all levels symmetrically (positive and negative). The newly suggested inverter is investigated by two input source determination algorithms and the general configuration of the converter is proposed with the ability to extend to a high number of levels. From the general structure of the proposed multilevel inverter, one circuit is selected to perform all the simulations, implementations, and other studies on it. Moreover, in order to investigate the proper operation of the proposed structure, this inverter has been simulated in the application of a linear induction motor in which the inverter voltage sources are powered by photovoltaic systems. The power losses of the case-study circuit with symmetrically determined input sources using the NLC modulation method are investigated for three various loads. Besides, to demonstrate the merits and features of the new inverter, the suggested inverter is compared with some recent inverters. Finally, to demonstrate the possibility and function of the suggested multilevel inverter, the case-study circuit is simulated and implemented in MATLAB/Simulink software and power electronics laboratory, respectively.


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