Optimization of the Smart Grids Connected using an Improved P&O MPPT Algorithm and Parallel Active Filters

Document Type : Original Article


1 Departement of Renewable Energy, University of Maroua, Cameroun

2 Department of Renewable Energy, National Advanced School of Engineering of University of Maroua, P.O. Box : 46 Maroua, Cameroon

3 Department of Renewable Energy, National Advanced School of Engineering, University of Maroua

4 UFD PAI, Laboratoire d’Analyse de Simulation et Essais (LASE), IUT de Ngaoundéré, BP : 455, Ngaoundéré, Cameroun


This work describes a photovoltaic generator connected to the grid by associating the parallel active filters to improve the energy quality. The extraction of maximum power produced by the photovoltaic generators is done using the command of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) by modified perturb and observe (P&O) algorithm. Furthermore, to reduce the distortions due to the injected continuous quantities, the filtering of the harmonic quantities is done by four levels of active filters using three switching cells per arm connected downstream of the seven-level inverters. The proposed algorithm and the model of the active filter are evaluated. The calculation of the total harmonic distortion of the current after filtering shows acceptable results. The rate of 0.21% obtained proves the power factor correction. Finally, the simulation results show that this rate is in accordance with the Utility Connection Regulations. Besides, the performance of the algorithm has been demonstrated when the solar panels are subjected to variations in irradiance.