A high gain Step up converter for solar applications based on PSOL topology

Document Type : Original Article


Department of electric power engineering, faculty of electric and computer engineering, Qom university of technology, Qom, Iran


DC-DC converters have found wide application in daily life due to considerable industrial requirements. However, high output gain in these converters is not achieved due to parasitic elements and other circuit restrictions. This shortcoming is very important for certain applications such as solar systems that need to boost considerably the low voltage output of PV panels. This paper proposes a new topology based on the PSOL converter that can increase output gain beyond a conventional PSOL converter. This topology benefits from clamp circuits and voltage multipliers that are efficiently added to a Luo converter to increase its output voltage gain. Circuit analysis both in continuous and discontinuous conduction mode is performed together with operational waveforms obtained by the simulation to show the performance of the proposed circuit. In addition, the proposed converter is compared against some of the conventional converters to show the superiority of the converter over other ones. The results show that the proposed converter can achieve higher gains in comparison with other methods. Meanwhile, the proposed topology utilizes a single switch to increase the output voltage. Finally, simulation results for 1 kW load are included in the paper to show the performance of the converter.