An LCL Filter Design for Three-Phase Off-Grid PV Inverters

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1 Division of Energy, Materials and Energy Research Center

2 Division of Energy, Materials & Energy Research Center


Nowadays, the use of renewable electricity in urban outback areas has become very popular. According to the statistics, the growth in the use of local off-grid electricity has grown a lot in recent years, indicating an increasing need for this type of electrical energy. According to the fact that electrical consumers are often designed to work with alternating current, the production of electricity must have a sinusoidal waveform and, of course, within the standard limits for harmonics. Therefore, in the case of utilizing off-grid renewable sources, a standardized voltage waveform should be generated. It is achieved by employing an output filter unit. In this paper, by presenting a novel method for the LCL filter design, the output voltage and current are evaluated for a two-level three-phase inverter. The simulated and experimental results confirm the excellent performance of the designed filter.