Cascade organic Rankine cycle using LNG cold energy: Energetic and exergetic assessments

Document Type : Original Article


1 a Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Alzahra University, Deh-Vanak, Tehran, Iran

2 Alzahra University


This study deals with a cascade organic Rankine cycle driven by linear Fresnel solar collector as a source and cold energy of LNG to produce power. An exergy concept is used to model the system and the performance of the desired system is assessed by varying the major design parameters namely solar subsystem feed mass flow rate, LNG mass flow rate and turbines inlet and back pressures. A Parametric study shows that among the design parameters solar subsystem feed mass flow rate and turbine 1 back pressure have positive effects on the performance of the system and maximum efficiencies increments are achieved within 5.24% as turbine 1 back pressure increases.