Thermal analysis of PVT-HEX system: Electricity Efficiency and Air Conditioning System

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2 Arak university of Technology

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In this paper, a combined PVT-heat exchanger cycle with the aim of cooling the PVT system and supplying the required air of an air-conditioning system in comfortable conditions is investigated. The effect of weather conditions (radiation intensity and ambient temperature) on the electrical efficiency of PVT system and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions has been investigated. For this purpose, several cities in Iran with different climates have been considered. The results show that the electrical efficiency of PVT system increases by5% in winter and 8% in summer. About 86% of the generated electricity is stored while the electrical energy required by the fan and pump and the cooling and heating energy of the building are supplied. The city of Tabriz has the highest electrical efficiency of about 0.1622. Carbon dioxide emissions were also calculated. The use of the proposed hybrid system can be effective in reducing the emission of pollutants.