A comprehensive review and performance evaluation in solar (PV) systems fault classification and fault detection techniques

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Technical and Engineering, Imam Khomeini International University.


The renewable energy industry is growing faster than ever before and in particular solar systems have significantly expanded. Abnormal conditions lead to a reduction in the maximum available power from solar (photovoltaic) systems. Thus, it is necessary to identification, detection, and monitoring of various faults in the PV system that they are the key factors to increase the efficiency, reliability, and lifetime of these systems. Up to now, faults on PV components and systems have been identified; some of them have physical damage on PV systems and some of them are electrical faults that occur on the DC side or AC side of the PV system. Here, the faults will be divided into groups based on their location of occurrence. This paper provides a comprehensive review of almost all PV system faults and fault detection techniques of PV system proposed in recent literature.