CFD analysis of solar chimney power plant: Effect of chimney height, shape and collector size

Document Type : Original Article


Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutions, Rajkot, India


This paper presents computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of the solar
chimney power plant to analyze to analyze buoyancy-nature of heated air by har-
nessing solar energy. ANSYS Fluent a finite volume code has been used for axisym-
metric model of the solar chimney power plant (SCPP) prototype in Manzanares,
Spain considering updraft tower. A standard k- turbulence model and Boussinesq
approximation for buoyancy driven flow is considered. Small pressure difference because of natural draft inside the chimney during day time has been observed due
to solar radiation. The numerical results obtained for average velocity and temper-
ature at chimney inlet are validated with the experimental results of the prototype.
It has been observed that both the velocity and temperature of air inside the SCPP
increases significantly with the increment in solar radiation. Increase in the chimney
height and collector radius also increases the power output of the plant. The effect
of chimney convergence with different area ratio on the power output of SCCPs have
been analyzed