Graphene Synthesis Methods for Graphene Based Supercapacitors of the Solar Energy Systems

Document Type : Original Article


1 mechanic and energy faculty of shahid beheshti university , tehran, iran

2 Faculty of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, AC, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran 16765–1719, Iran


In the last decade, graphene as one of the novel engineering materials with unique properties has been strongly considered by researchers. Graphene based supercapacitors and transistors are one the most recent subjects in the case of solar energy system fields. In this study, five main methods of the grapheme synthesis including micro-mechanical cleavage, liquid-phase exfoliation, graphene via graphite oxide, graphene from mechanical milling of graphite and electrochemical exfoliation of graphite have been investigated which are in the challenge of engineering and economics justifiable in using for supercapacitors. Subsequently, the liquid-phase exfoliation has been chosen as the best method of producing graphene for using in supercapacitors in the industry scale based on the investigations and comparison throughout the advantages and limitations of the preceding methods.