Document Type : Original Article


Department of Architecture, Faculty Of Architecture, University of Selçuk, Konya, TURKEY


In this article, it is aimed to bring an intellectual declination to the aspects of “solar energy” deeply affecting the future of urbanization and planning activities and accordingly, the changes that may occur in urban macro form. The changes that may emerge in the forms of producing and consuming the energy naturally affects the urbanization process in addition to technological a socio-eonomical developments. The process should be evaluated through totalitarian developments. When the complexity of the matter is considered, deep theoretical declination is required. In this sudy, the references and basic resources which haven’t been explained in detail within the text for technological developments and biotope of the future were employed. The purpose of the study is to share our estimations about the demands of those developments and legal, administrative, and social behavior patterns that is required to occur accordingly not make interpretations about “technical” dimensions which require expertising on solar energy. In addition, we also aim to come up for discussion about important ontological problems we regarded vital in the relationships between energy and city. As a result of those discussions and researches, it is a beginning that is hopped to provide contributions to change the planning paradigm.